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Opus Luxe

Discover the secret to a bright, youthful complexion with Opus Luxe. Our exclusive anti-aging skincare device now features a bigger cleaning surface and optimized design, enhancing its purifying and rejuvenating qualities and giving you the confidence to glow.

3 -Speed Kinetic Skin Cleansing® Vibration.
 3 –Speed of Pulsating Lifting Massage Vibration.
 S-ion Technology® Silicone surface.
 Audible Notification with Integrated Timer.
 Dual purpose cleansing and anti-aging skin lifting surfaces.
Unique, ergonomic design with auto-contouring head
 Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery with charging base.
 Easy to clean.
 Bathtub safe.
1. Prepare
Apply your favorite cleanser. Wet your Opus Luxe and switch it to "cleansing" mode by holding down the power button.
2. Cleanse
Let your Nion do its thing! Gently guide the Opus across your face in a circular motion for 3 minutes.
3. Rinse
Rinse your face and pat dry for gorgeous, glowing skin.
4. Glow
Activate your Opus Luxe's anti-aging mode by holding down the power button again for 1.5 seconds during 'cleansing' mode and massage problem areas for a boost of youthful radiance.

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