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Our Story

NION was founded in Seattle in 2014. we believe that anti-aging
skincare should be simple but effective through innovative beauty
devices.⁠ At NION, we’ve harnessed the power of negative ion to purify
the skin without breaking up the layer of natural oil, helping you achieve
a gorgeous, glowing complexion; we've enlisted the very best material combining cutting-edge advances in beauty science with leading dermatological research to produce a range of beauty products for
at-home spa-professional skincare!

World leading S-ION Technology®

Negative ions work like tiny magnets* that attach to positive charged environmental toxins (dirt) on the skin, creating a heavier element that gets rinsed away easily. Using our proprietary S-ion Technology®, NION has created skincare devices that don't just purify the skin, increase blood flow, and promote healing, they actually have the power to make you feel good as well!

Supercharge Your Daily Routine

• Repair
• Detox
• Rejuvenate

Kinetic Skin Cleansing®

Our Kinetic Skin Cleansing® System uses gentle vibrations to remove dirt and break up impurities. Gliding effortlessly across your skin, Nion skincare products purify without stripping your skin of the essential oils that protect against aging, dryness, and infection.

World-leading S-ion Technology®

With the power to boost blood circulation, counteract environmental toxins, and increase your sense of well-being, negative ions are one of Nature's marvels. Our patented S-ion Technology® Cleaning System harnesses the power of radiance boosting negative ions to cleanse your skin, removing harmful pollutants, chemicals, and bacteria to give you clear, beautiful skin day after day.