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Our Story

NION was founded in Seattle in 2014. we believe that anti-aging skincare should be simple but effective through innovative beauty devices.⁠ At NION, we’ve harnessed the power of negative ion to purify the skin without breaking up the layer of natural oil, helping you achieve a gorgeous, glowing complexion; we've enlisted the very best material combining cutting-edge advances in beauty science with leading dermatological research to produce a range of beauty products for at-home spa-professional skincare!

World leading S-ION Technology®

Negative ions work like tiny magnets* that attach to positive charged environmental toxins (dirt) on the skin, creating a heavier element that gets rinsed away easily. Using our proprietary S-ion Technology®, NION has created skincare devices that don't just purify the skin, increase blood flow, and promote healing, they actually have the power to make you feel good as well!