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World’s first Negative I-on silicon cleansing device.

For immediate release: July 20th 2016    “World’s FIRST Negative Ion Silicone Skin Cleansing Device”

The pursuit of achieving naturally beautiful skin just took a giant leap forward with the introduction of negative ion charged skin silicone cleansing devices from NION BEAUTY.  This new line of skin cleansing devices combines premium silicone cleansing bristles with naturally occurring negative ion particles which help clean up invisible environmental toxins from the skin.

Negative ions naturally occur in abundance in deep forests and near waterfalls.  Scientist believe that negative ions help purify air and even improve our overall sense of well being.  NION BEAUTY is the first company that has combined negative ions and silicone material into a single cohesive skin cleansing device.  

Negative ions work like tiny magnets that attach to positive charged environmental toxins on the skin, creating a heavier element which gets rinsed away easily. Environmental toxins are especially abundant in urban areas and can lead to damaged discoloration of our skin as well as causing premature ageing.  Everyday chemicals we use in our household to the vehicles we drive everyday all generate some levels of these harmful toxins.

By combining naturally occurring negative ions from rare earth elements with premium grade silicone, NION Beauty’s silicone bristles really stand out from the ever crowded field of skin cleansing devices.  The benefit to the user is simply beautiful: you can get more complete cleansing, without reliance on harsh soaps and chemicals, resulting in naturally clean and beautiful skin.

More and more beauty experts are also discovering the benefits of NION BEAUTY’s unique KINETIC SKIN CLEANSING feature incorporated in all it’s products. Traditional skin cleansing by brush is done thru a side-to-side motion of bristles. This side-to-side motion generates excessive friction which can damage your skin by stripping it of its natural moisture and elasticity. NION’s Kinetic Skin Cleansing uses an up-and-down motion against the skin surface, eliminating friction caused by side-to-side scrubbing motion. Our clinical trials have proven that this method not only cleans better, but helps keep skin more naturally supple and resilient.  Kinetic Skin Cleansing loosens impurities on the skin to be rinsed away, without causing microscopic damage caused by traditional scrubbing. The result is a healthier skin which retains its natural moisture and elasticity.

NION BEAUTY has incorporated two of it’s ground breaking features into a diverse line of skin cleansing devices to fit any budget and any lifestyle. Along with this extensive line-up of facial cleansing devices, NION BEAUTY is also introducing world’s first ion generating body scrubbing wand to bring its innovative beauty solution beyond the face.  This body wand is waterproof and powerful, perfect for everyday shower and bath application. 


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